What is the Country for All Movement?

The Country for All Movement (Közös Ország Mozgalom or KOM) is comprised of Hungarian citizens in an alliance along shared values, seeking to achieve shared goals in a non-violent manner. Our movement was called into being by Márton Gulyás on Szabadság tér, during the peak of the wave of protests this spring, announcing our first and only objective, the quest to change the current unjust electoral system. In recent months, the structural development of the movement have been contemporaneous with communication efforts with political parties for creating a new, more just electoral system.

KOM's activists and volunteers hail from all social classes and ages, professing diverse political views, but their fundamental experience concerns the injustice running rampant throughout the country. We all believe that under the current conditions a just electoral system - even if in and of itself it is not enough - is still a necessary pre-condition to eliminate these injustices, to build a country for all.

In addition to the clear goal, the Movement has a set schedule as well.

As a first step, we are inviting all politically involved citizens and political parties to our community space - the "Agora" - that has been set up in front of the National Assembly building. With their joint work, an expanding circle - preferably every important political party - shall draft a mutually agreeable draft law. We shall provide all possible support for this endeavour.

Subsequently, the submission, debate, and hopefully, adoption of the draft law in parliament shall take place. In the interim, we shall strive to ensure the necessary public monitoring and control.

In the event that the will of the majority rejects the mutually agreed-upon draft law, we shall attempt to force its adoption through non-violent civil disobedience, an effort we shall engage in for as long as possible.

Over the course of its operations, KOM shall attempt to involve the public at large to the largest extent possible; it is indeed a Country for All where we conduct our joint affairs together.