Opinion Polls

Country for All is organizing public debates among candidates for parliament in at least ten constituencies in the coming weeks and simultaneously launches local opinion polls. The aim of the campaign is to inform the residents of constituencies which candidate is the most likely to succeed against Fidesz’s candidate.

The opinion polls and public debates are funded from donations obtained in the last two months. The fundraising campaign continues, as the movement would like to carry out polls in further constituencies as well. Information on how to support the cause can be found here.

The first constituencies were chosen by the experts of Country for All. The main goal was to find constituencies where the opposition parties have a fair chance of winning based on recent opinion polls and the results of the 2014 elections, but differ widely in geographic location, partisan balance, and the kind of coordination problems that opposition parties face.

The 13 constituencies to be polled are:

  1.      Budapest 01 – Districts I, V, and parts of VIII and IX
  2.      Budapest 04 – Districts II and parts of III
  3.      Budapest 06 – Districts VIII and IX
  4.      Budapest 15 – District XVIII
  5.      Baranya county 01 – Pécs
  6.      Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county 01 – Miskolc
  7.      Csongrád county 01 – Szeged
  8.      Fejér county 04 – Dunaújváros
  9.      Nógrád county 01 – Salgótarján, Bátonyterenye and Pásztó
  10.      Pest county 02 – Budakeszi, Solymár and Budaörs
  11.      Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county 01 – Nyíregyháza
  12.      Vas county 01 – Szombathely
  13.      Veszprém county 03 – Tapolca, Ajka, Sümeg

The opinion polls will be conducted face-to-face by two renowned public opinion research institutes, Medián and Závecz Research, with samples of 1000 respondents in each constituency.

The public debates of candidates will be open to the public, held in the given constituencies. The debates will follow the common rules of political debates, with online streams available from each event. At every debate, a moderator will ensure that each candidate has the same amount of time to give their view on country and local level politics and policies.